AB5000 Circulatory Support System



Abiomed, a global leader for products in the acute heart failure market, selected us to develop a new generation console for their external ventricular assist devices (VAD), which provide support for either the left, right or both heart ventricles. Program goals included improved usability and transportability in a variety of environments.


Site visits and clinician interviews formally identified problems and unmet needs. This documented information informed our concept sketches and models, as well as fulfilled the need for critical Design History Files. Early ideation quickly determined that a modular system of portable console and hospital-based cart provided a solution to the conflicting needs of small footprint and lighter weight for ambulance and med-flight applications vs. stable, smooth transport with large secure handles for patient ambulation.


After concept models were reviewed and approved, our team completed all aspects of mechanical development including component mounting brackets, metal and plastic enclosure part design, mounting and clearance specifications for circuit boards, and prototype and production liaison.

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