Total Artificial Heart Driver System



SynCardia Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's first and only FDA and CE approved Total Artificial Heart. The drive system provides pneumatic pressure directly to the implanted device.  Syncardia‚Äôs original driver was a 400 lbs washing machine-sized cart that required months of hospital stay while the patient waited for an eligible donor heart.


Origin helped Syncardia transform the new driver into two core systems.  The first was the Freedom portable driver, a system small enough and light enough to be carried in a backpack by the patient.  This revolutionary change allowed patients to return home to their families to await their new heart.  The second system was a configurable for the hospital.  The Companion driver, now a 1/10th the size of its predecessor was able to be docked into either a Hospital Cart for use in the operating room or a two wheeled Caddy for early stage recovery.


Origin engaged in early concept development, product requirement specifications, user research, touch screen interface design, softgood development, DFMEA, design for manufacturing, and production documentation.

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