Compliance Chamber - R&D

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A leading medical device manufacturer engaged Origin to help develop their next generation system. A portion of that development effort focused on optimizing the compliance chamber within their perfusion circuit. The compliance chamber is responsible for dampening the pressure waveform produced by the upstream pulsatile pump. The current solution used a silicone molded “balloon” chamber to expand and contract with the pressure variations. This was prone to capturing air bubbles, was at risk to over-expand in certain scenarios and was likely not meeting optimal performance requirements.


Through configuration exploration, the team developed a solution which re-configured the compliance chamber into a drum-style enclosure with a silicone disc on the bottom surface capped with an expansion-limiting cover. This configuration allowed for a modular platform from which silicone discs of varying diameters, durometers and thicknesses could be used to evaluate its effectiveness at dampening in-flow pressure. Lab experiments were able to quickly identify the optimal system characteristic which kept system development moving ahead.

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